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I am a web enthusiast. Anything related to designing, building and running web content is my passion. I put a lot of effort into my work always trying to get a great visual and functional result.
” Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

Technologies I Use

“My work will lead me toward unimaginable places.”

Always do great work. Every site I build should be like a masterpiece, so let the thing I have done speak of myself.

My goal is to fulfill every client’s dreams of a perfect fully functional website.

With the years of experience to come, I eagerly expect a lot of fun projects with satisfied customers. To strive for greatness and enjoy getting better with every project that I realize and become well known for my style is a great motivation for putting a lot of effort into my work.

MY projects

Ticket selling app written in NodeJs, Express, Sequelize, React and Redux. Full-stack app that lists Events, tickets for events, and Comments for tickets.

Group project made during the Coding Academy. Learning teamwork,  Gitflow, Agile, Scrum, React and Redux.

A validator of GitHub profile and Git use, designed to provide feedback for job seekers.
Team project for Codaisseur Academy. 

React Single Page Application using  Babel and Webpack. Users can input some tasks, and the app will suggest what to do.

Multilingual webpage made for the client. HTML, SASS, JS project with smooth scrolling, responsive navbar, picture carousel, and Google map. 

WordPress project including the whole web for University: Homepage, Blog, Campuses,  Programs and Professors as well as login page and comprehensive search.

An application that uses Google Maps API and shows points of interest with additional data with filter options and Infowindows. Made with React.

React Single Page Application based on GitHub API. Find any profile and it’s statistics on GitHub. 

Google Maps based App showing restaurants in the area and their information. Including search and filter options based on cuisine type.

 Recreation of old plain arcade game using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Memory game with a timer, moves counter and rating system.  Sleek design with Font Awesome and animations.

Google books API Application build with React. You can track books you are reading and add new to the wishlist.

Popular Pixel art maker with options to choose canvas size, a whole spectrum of colors and right-click rubber.

Image searching application using Pixabay API and Axios.
Made with  React & Redux.

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